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Sometimes we need that extra support during difficult times

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Learn how to renew and strengthen your relationship

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Professional, convenient, and confidential psychotherapy in your home.

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Hi! I’m Lorie Bialobreski, a licensed psychotherapist specializing in all things counseling. I help individuals, couples and families.

I am glad that you have taken the first step in getting help for yourself. It is understandable that we sometimes need to seek professional help during difficult times…..we are human it is part of the life experience.

Feeling depressed or anxious is not a sign of weakness. Instead, it is an indicator that one is overwhelmed with life stressors. Common life stressors include: losses (relationships, jobs, death of loved ones, divorce), trauma (childhood abuse, illness, domestic violence). You don’t have to suffer, you can feel better. Let me help you regain your emotional wellbeing.

I specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This is an evidenced based treatment for both depression and anxiety. Clients learn how to identify and change the negative thinking that fuels the feelings of depression and anxiety. I also utilize Psychodynamic approaches that help clients identify, understand, and change negative behaviors and patterns.

I focus on helping clients develop healthy coping skills that empower them and increase their confidence and self-esteem.

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I look forward to meeting you and working together, so you can be the best that you can be!