“The capacity to approach each day with a sense of purpose and appreciation”.

  1. Purpose
    • What you can experience
      • Being your authentic self
      • Love and appreciate what and who you are as a human being
      • Opening yourself up to new experiences
        • Music, hobbies, socializing,
        • Picking up old hobbies, scaling down if needed, or doing something as an extension of a former hobby
    • What you can share with others
      • Kindness
      • Joy
      • Beauty
      • Wisdom
  2. Expectations
    • Of others
      • Getting upset when other people do not measure up to your expectations; or
      • Allowing people to be where they need to be in their life.
    • Of self
      • Holding onto beliefs of what you “should” be doing and who you “should” be; or
      • Love and appreciate who I am as a human being.
    • Of aging
      • I can’t do the things I used to anymore, so I don’t do anything; or
      • If I am alive there are new experiences to have.
  3. Gratefulness
    • Each day be mindful of what you can be grateful for.
      • Write down 3 things you are grateful for each day.
      • Share with a friend 3 things you are each grateful for that day.
      • Tell someone something that you like about them or are grateful about them.
    • Be mindful of your experiences throughout the day that you enjoy or are thankful for.
      • Nature
      • Safety
      • Comfortable home
      • Friendship
      • Family
      • Music
      • Good Food
      • Quiet Time
      • Socializing